Soy Candle Bar – Sea Salt


The bar made from vegetable soy wax is the most economical way to give your space a strong aroma! The perfumes in our collection will cover every taste, and the only thing is certain is that you will love them!

Simply break off a piece of the chocolate bar, place it in a room air freshener and light a reso candle. As the candle heats up, enjoy its festive aroma in your space!

The full burn time on the aromatizer for the chocolate bar is over 70 hours, however the intensity of the aroma decreases with time since the aroma diffuses faster than the candle burns. For a more intense aroma, empty the candle in the aromatizer container and renew with a new piece, depending on the intensity of the aroma you desire, reducing the time it burns accordingly.
65- 75g, more than 70 hours of complete combustion.

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Αποτέλεσμα μετάφρασης
Wonderful Aegean scent reminiscent of a walk on the beach. The fragrance starts with notes of herbs, sea and anise, continues with notes of geranium, jasmine, sage, spices and thyme and “closes” with patchouli, tonka, musk, vanilla and cedar.