Tutti Frutti Christmas Lucky Charm – candy


Handcrafted metallic lucky charm!

“Tutti Fruti & The Multi Culti” new collection. Christmas ornaments.
A fresh and colorful new option of Christmas ornaments.

The price refers to one lucky charm. The color can not be order specifically due to changing reserve on our store.


available / prompt collect


Discover our Christmas collection, and find the most unique handcrafted Christmas ornaments and lucky charms, from our Greek workshops!

Christmas ornaments are the seasonal new collection of our jewelry lab. It is characterized by diversity, multicolor and variation. Christmas ornaments are a custom way of decoration formed by various cultures over time. Thus, they bring them together to fulfill a joyful event at the end of the year. Christmas decorations symbolize giving and happiness.

Material: aluminium and resin

Color: acrylic colors

Size: width 5-10cm and height 5-10cm